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how to change characters in GTA 5 online PC

There are 2 Characters on GTA 5 online PC, and you can change characters on GTA 5 online PC according to your personal interest. check step by step guide below.

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How to Change characters from your existing character to another character

  • Press the ESC button on the keyboard.
  • Click on the Online Option, and then click on the swap character option.
  • Press enter button on the keyboard, and again press enter button.
  • Now, you will see 2 characters on your screen, the first character – is your current character, and the second character is an editable character – you can edit the second character and make a new character.
  • Use the left arrow and right arrow to navigate the characters. choose the second character & Press enter.
  • edit your character as you want ( all options are given there for editing the character)
  • Once done, go to the save and continue option and Press enter.
  • Write your character name and Press enter. now again Press enter to choose the character.
  • After loading the screen, you will get a new character in GTA 5 online.

How to Change from a new character to your old (first) character

  • Press the Esc button.
  • Click on – the online option
  • Click on the Swap character option, Press enter, again press enter.
  • Use left and right arrows to choose the character, just select your first character and then press enter.
  • After loading, you will get back your first character on GTA 5 online PC.

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