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How to make a crew in GTA 5 Online – Latest

Step by step guide with a Video guide is here for creating or making a crew in GTA 5 online in an easy way, follow our step-by-step guide and create a crew more easily.

Rockstar Social club is used to make a crew, Crew is actually a team, you can make a team using rockstar social club.

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Step by Step Guide to Create Crew in GTA 5

Before creating a crew, you need to register an account on Social Club. if you don’t know how to create – click here to see videos.

  • To create A crew, go to the Rockstar Social Club website.
  • Do Sign in with your Rockstar Social Club account ( sign in with Any social account)
  • After that, Move your cursor to Crew Option ( Located at the left top).
  • then Click on My crew.
  • Now click on Create A crew.
  • Fill Crew name (The name must be unique) and other details.
  • Click on – Save this Crew.
  • All done! new Crew is created and now you can invite your friends and other players to join your Crew.

How to Invite other people to join your crew in GTA Online

After creating the crew, open GTA 5 online game, then Pause the game, then go to the online tab and then see this video.

How do other players join your crew

  • Come to the Rockstar Social Club website or on software.
  • Move your cursor to Crew Option.
  • then Click on My crew
  • then click on join crew and then search crew name.
  • Click on your crew, then click on join.
  • There are 2 types of crews – open and closed. on Open Crew -You can freely join by clicking the Join button. but in a Closed crew -, you have to send a request message for joining.
  • After doing this open GTA 5 online game, then Pause the game, then go to the online tab and then click on the crews‘ option.
  • Go to Friend’s Crews, then select your favorite crew and join it.

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