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Is there any way to play GTA 3 online?

No, GTA 3 is only launched with offline mode, it is not a multiplayer game. Even the latest release of GTA 3 definitive edition also is in offline mode. So, don’t apply your extra mind to this topic. Simply save your time, and now don’t search about GTA 3 online.

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If you really need a game with the online option, then you can download GTA 5, GTA 5 is the game of GTA series, In GTA 5, you can play GTA 5 online, which means you can also play this game with your brother, sister, or also with your friends. But you have to buy GTA 5 in order to play GTA 5 online because, in Copied version/Pirated game, only that will run Offline, and pirated game files also came with full of viruses, so simply you can buy fresh GTA 5.

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