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Project IGI 1 Cheats for PC – unlimited health, ammo, etc

Now it is very easy to get unlimited & Ammo in IGI 1 using a very simple method. All methods are provided below, Apart from this – Cheats of IGI 1 are also given below.

Cheat Codes which not worked for me

I saw many cheats on Google but after testing all these cheats, it is not working on my own IGI 1 game, but You can try these cheat codes on your own game, if it works for you, then comment down below.

To Enter these cheat codes, Open – main menu of the game, type – nada at the main menu, then after starting the game mission, type the cheat codes which are given below.

Cheat NameCheat Code
skip missionimdone
unlimited healthasperine
get All gun/weaponshutid
unlimited ammoallammo
you can flysuperman
tanks destroybigbang
storm comesstormydayq
All enemy dieEwww
Easy Modeeasy
God modeallgod

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All Working Cheats

All working cheat methods are given below

Cheat for Unlimited health

  • Download – humanplayer.qvm.
  • Go to that path where your file is downloaded.
  • Right-click on-  humanplayer.qvm and click on Copy to copy this file.
  • Now Come inside the IGI game folder.
  • Come inside this folder – humanplayer.
  • Right-click on the mouse, and click on Paste.
  • Click on – Replace.
  • Open game, See live – you got unlimited health.

Cheat for unlimited ammo.

  • Go to the main game folder, Right click on Launcher – IGI.exe , then move your cursor to Send to.
  • Then again move your mouse cursor to Desktop ( create Shortcut) and click on it.
  • Now go to the desktop (Home screen of your laptop)
  • Right-click on IGI game launcher – IGI.EXE – Shortcut.
  • Click on properties.
  • You will find something like this – Target “C:Project IGIPCIGI.exe”
  • Copy this text – unlimitedammo
  • Just after – “C:Project IGIPCIGI.exe” Press a single Space button on the keyboard.
  • After that, paste the text.
  • After putting the text, it will look like this – Target “D:\Check IGI 1\IGI.EXE” unlimitedammo
  • Now click on OK and then Apply.
  • Open Game, See live.

Get Unlimited health & ammo using Trainer.

A trainer is a software containing many cheat codes. While playing the game, once you press that particular button, the cheat gets activated.

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