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how to zoom gun in IGI 1 game – Zoom button/Key

You can’t zoom the gun in all weapons of the IGI 1 Game, only some gun has a zoom feature. MP5SD 3 & Dragunov ( Sniper) has a zoom feature, default controls for zoom in and zoom out are below.

Project IGI (I’m Going In) is a first-person shooter game released in 2000, known for its amazing missions & overall game graphics & audio. One essential skill in IGI 1 is the ability to zoom in and zoom out to take down enemies from far way distance. In this article, we will talk about the process of zooming in and zooming out in IGI 1 and we also discuss – frequently asked questions so that you will become a pro in zooming ability in the IGI 1 game.

In IGI 1, generally zoom-in zoom-out feature is only available in two weapons.

  1. Mp5SD 3 gun
  2. Dragunov ( Sniper)

In MP5SD 3 Gun

MP5SD 3 gun in IGI 1

in MP5SD 3 – Press single time Backspace button on the keyboard to zoom, after that you can fire. Again Press single time Backspace button to Zoom out.

Note: This is the default control, if this is not working in your IGI game, Visit here to see your own game control.

It is a similar weapon to the AK 47 but the MP5SD 3 gun helps you more to kill far away enemies because of the zoom-in zoom-out feature which is generally not available in other weapons. Mp5SD 3 gun you can easily find in your gun list with ammo in some missions. Once you use all the ammo of this weapon, you can’t use this weapon further because you can’t find ammo of Mp5SD 3 anywhere in the missions. Generally enemy carries an AK47 weapon, even after killing the enemy, you can take – a weapon with ammo of AK47 and other weapons but not ammo of Mp5SD 3. So, only use the Mp5SD 3 gun where it is required because this weapon has a special feature i.e. zoom feature

The use of this weapon even after the ending of ammo is – you can use it for checking far-away enemies using the zoom-in zoom-out feature.

Generally, you will not find this weapon from the enemy or from a specific location, it is usually available in your weapon list in some missions only.

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In Dragunov ( Sniper)

Dragunov ( Sniper) gun in IGI 1

in Dragunov ( Sniper) – Press single time Backspace button on the keyboard to come in zoom mode (Note: you can also Press & hold – Backspace button to zoom in), after that, you can fire. Press & hold the Pageup button to zoom in and Press the Page Down button to zoom out. Again Press single time- Backspace button to close Zoom mode.

Note: This is the default control, if this is not working in your IGI game, Visit here to see your own game control.

It is generally used for killing very far-away enemies in a single shot by zooming the gun, it has a very powerful lens, and because of this, you can see very far-away objects.

In some missions, you can find it in your weapons list. Sometimes, you have to pick up from a specific location or from the enemy.


Q. Can I zoom other weapons?

No, the zoom feature is usually available in the Mp5SD 3 gun & Dragunov ( Sniper) gun.

Q. Can I zoom in while moving?

Yes, you can zoom while moving, but for more accuracy, first stop anywhere and then zoom in to aim more accurately.

Q. What if I can’t find a sniper rifle in the game?

Sniper rifles are typically found in specific locations in the missions. Sometimes you will find them from the enemy and sometimes you will find them in your weapon list in some specific missions.

Q. Is there a limit to how many times I can zoom in and out?


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