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IGI 1 sniper zoom key/button

One weapon in “IGI 1” is the sniper gun, which has a zoom-in and zoom-out feature that helps to kill faraway enemies silently without creating much sound. On this page, you will find sniper gun controls for zoom-in, zoom-out, and much more.

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Default Control of Dragunov (Sniper)

  • Press the Backspace button once on the keyboard to switch to zoom mode, and then you can shoot by pressing the left click on the mouse.
  • To zoom in, press and hold the Page Up button.
  • To zoom out, press and hold the Page Down button.
  • To exit zoom mode, press the Backspace button once.
IGI 1 Dragunov Sniper

Note: If the default control is not working properly, Visit here to see – how to check my own game control.

When you visit this page open your game and check the controls for these in your own game.

  • Zoom in (Default control: Page Up)
  • Zoom out ( Default control: -Page Down)
  • Alternate Fire ( Default Control: Backspace) ( Note: This is the control for switching to zoom mode and it is also used for exiting zoom mode.)

About Sniper of IGI 1

A sniper is a very powerful long-range weapon. It helps to kill enemies from far away. It is a well-known gun due to its amazing features.

It is commonly used for killing very far-away enemies in a single shot by zooming the gun; it has a highly powerful lens, allowing you to view very far-away objects.

Let’s talk about Sniper in the IGI 1 game.

You can take this gun —

  • From specific enemies.
  • From some specific location
  • Sometimes you can find it in your weapons list at the beginning of some specific missions.


Q. How to zoom sniper gun in IGI 1?

First, press the Backspace button to switch to zoom mode, and then press the page up button to zoom in; thereafter, you can shoot. Press the page-down button to zoom out, and lastly, press the backspace button again to exit zoom mode.

Q. How to open Scope of Sniper in IGI 1?

Default control:
Open Scope: Backspace button.
Zoom in: Page up
Zoom out: Page Down
Exit: Again Backspace

Q. The buttons that you shared on this page are not working on my game what should I do?

Visit this page and check the controls of Zoom in, Zoom out, and Alternate Fire in your own game by going to your game settings. A video is also provided there for – how to see the controls of IGI 1.

Q. What makes IGI 1 Sniper different from other weapons?

It is capable of shooting very far. It has a zoom feature, and the firing sound is very low.

Q. What is the name of the IGI 1 sniper?


Q. Is a sniper available in every mission?

You can find this gun in almost every mission, except some missions.

Q. Will I get a sniper gun on my weapon list on every mission?

No, in some missions, you will get the sniper on your weapons list at the beginning of the game. In some missions, you have to take it from a specific location or from the enemy.

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